BASIC NAIL COURSE Level 1 (4 days)


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Who is this course for, and who can register?

Both beginners who want to build a job, as well as people who have completed a course and are not satisfied with the previous course, or want to update themselves with new techniques.

ABT International Accredited Diploma

What will you learn at this course?

It is a structured course based on new techniques.

️DAY 1 – Theory. Protection on the natural nail with a rubber base (an adapted technique of semi-permanent nail polish for a guaranteed resistance of 4 weeks);

️DAY 2 – Nail extensions using templates (forms)– Short natural square shape and self-leveling gel + babyboomer;

️DAY 3 – Nail extensions using templates(forms)– Natural oval/almond shape + applying the ideal color + french manicure.You will learn how to cut and mount the template according to the type of nail.

️DAY 4 – Classic gel maintenance (Infills). Exam day. Certification.

The norms of hygiene and labor protection.

Nail anatomy, natural nails shapes and their correct modelling according to it.

Combined manicure. Cuticle cleaning choosing the appropriate bit as well as the correct application of gel polish under the cuticle (Eponichium).

SMART FORMS, and its role in the construction of nails and its correct fitting according to the natural nail.

How to sterilise and disinfect manicure tools.

The presentation of the devices as well as the presentation of the products and their importance .

Infills or nail maintenance changing the nail architecture , for example from Square to Almond or vice versa.

How to use the electric nail drill and the importance of the nail drill bits.

Course duration is 4 consecutive days, from 10 a.m. to 5-6 p.m. or until the student finishes.

At the end of the course the students will receive the Accredited Diploma ABT and as a bonus -10% off their insurance.

Also the students will be able to get support after the course via Telegram group chat.


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